Kiara Sky VS SNS Nails – The Dipping Powder Battle

SNS and Kiara Sky nails are the top high-quality nail product brands known for producing nontoxic and odorless dipping powders. The popularity of these brands results from their ability to create a hoard of award-winning colors, and the results from the use of their products are professional and exquisite. Moreover, these brands are also unique because they can be used by professionals in salons and at home. These nail powders are also easy to use, which makes them an ideal choice for those who want to save money by applying the polish at home rather than going for a professional manicure in salons, yet in both cases, users get a chic look. In this article, the SNS and Kiara sky as well as the SNS and Kiara Sky dip powder systems will be compared.

Kiara Sky French Nail Dipping Powder System Starter Kit

According to customers’ rating, this is the best nail dipping powder starter kit out of the seven best nail dipping powder systems, making Kiara Sky colors the most sought for in the beauty industry. Kiara sky French starter kit is the best because it is cruelty-free, MMA free odorless, and nontoxic. The French kit lasts for a minimum of 21 days without lifting or even chipping. Most people tend to fill after 21 days because the nails tend to outgrow the previously applied manicure. However, it can last for longer than 21 days.

The application process of dipping powders is unlike that of traditional gel polish or acrylics. Applying dip powders does not require great application techniques. Therefore, sophisticated application technique are not necessary to achieve expensive and chic results. The application process does not require the precision that is necessary for the application of gels and acrylics. Just use the content as per the steps provided in the application process, and you will be good to go.

Kira sky kits are also advantageous in that they are affordable. When compared with SNS nail kits, you will realize that you can get Kiara sky dipping powder at almost half the price. However, those who have tried both kits can attest that they have excellent results, but the pricing factor makes Kiara sky the absolute winner. Some people might argue that applying dip powders is time-consuming. However, compared to the application of other polishes, dip powders can be used on both hands in about 20 minutes, implying that they are time-saving. Applying dip powders has numerous steps, but each step only takes a few seconds, which eventually saves a lot of time. These powders do not require UV or LED light for treatment, unlike their gel counterparts. Furthermore, Kiara Sky is enhanced with vitamins and minerals that strengthen and nourish the nails while keeping them strong and healthy. Besides, they are gentle on the nails because they do not use harsh chemicals.

SNS Nails Dipping Powder, Student Starter Kit 4, Pink and White

This the previous student starter kit that has been upgraded. A new logo for SNS nails has been released, and all the company’s products have been rebranded. SNS nails produce professional results when used on the nails. They also last longer and are durable. SNS powders look professional and natural on the nails because they tend to be light on the nails. The SNS kit has all the needed products to use in a professional French manicure. However, you can only achieve a perfect manicure by applying a thin topcoat and base coat layers. The kit is made up using ingredients that help nourish the nails. It is also enhanced with vitamins and minerals like calcium, vitamin D3, vitamin B5, and vitamin A. Furthermore, the SNS nail dipping powder system is odor-free and does not contain harsh chemicals like DBPP, toluene, and formaldehyde that could damage the nails.

The French dip molding in the kit is comfortable and easy to use when making a French manicure design. It does not contain any primers; thus, its application process begins with applying the base coat. It also does not require LED or UV light treatment after application, yet it results in beautiful and chic looking nail design. Like the Kiara sky nails, SNS nails can last for 3 to 4 weeks without chipping or lifting. Unfortunately, this kit is not affordable compared to other kits, as it costs almost twice the price of other top-rated dip powder kits like Kiara Sky.


SNS and Kiara sky dip powder systems are the top-rated dip powder brands that provide their users with odorless, durable, and reliable products that are gentle on the nails. Consequently, the results are beautiful, lavish, professional, and natural. Moreover, both nail systems do not contain nail-damaging harsh chemicals. Besides, they have a myriad of colors to choose from. However, compared to the SNS system, Kiara sky has elegant dip powder glitters and a more beautiful and classy color system. Furthermore, Kiara Sky is more affordable than the SNS dip system hence its higher rating.