How Does Dip Powder Compare with Acrylic Nails?

Usually, when we discuss nail manicures, the two procedures that flash immediately in our minds are gel and acrylics. It is because these manicures have been on the scene for a long time. Most women are used to wearing acrylic or gel nails on the nails for years. But, a resurgent technique, dip powder manicure, has sprung up recently. However, not more than a decade old, dip powder manicures have become popular among women of all ages, especially the younger folk. So, what is it that makes dip powder so popular? How does it compare with acrylic nails? This article dwells on these aspects.

Before discussing the similarities and differences between dip nails and acrylics, let us briefly understand the manicures better.

What Are Acrylic Nails?

Dip Powder Compare with Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are a unique blend of a liquid monomer and polymer powder. You apply this mixture to your nails using a clean brush and shape the nails well. Finally, air-dry the nails and allow the polish layer to dry naturally. Generally, you do not use UV lamps for curing acrylic nails unless you apply gel acrylics.

What Are Dip Nails?

Dip Powder Compare with Acrylic Nails

Social media is responsible for the resurgence of dip nail manicure as a classical balance between the traditional manicure and acrylic nails. Dip powder manicures use a powder product, similar to acrylic nails. But, the mode of applying SNS nail dip powder is different from acrylic.

Initially, you have the basecoat application followed by the SNS dipping procedure, where you dip your nails in dipping powder. You can choose your favorite colors here. Finally, you finish off with a top coat seal. The drying process is instantaneous. You do not use UV lamps for drying the nails, similar to acrylic nails.

How Are Dip Nails and Acrylic Similar?

Both dip nails and acrylic manicures use similar polymer powder. Acrylic nails require mixing the powder with a liquid monomer. But, you directly apply the powder to your nails in a dip powder manicure without mixing it with a liquid.

Secondly, both dip powder and acrylic processes do not require the use of UV lamps. Hence, you avoid exposing your nails and skin to UV rays. UV rays can harm your skin as the light frequency can cause skin aging and damage its cells.

How Are Dip Nails and Acrylic Different?

Because of their longevity, acrylics have always been preferable over gel manicures. Gel manicures can last for two weeks, whereas acrylics can last for three to four weeks. On the other hand, dip powder is an excellent manicure that lasts for four weeks and even more if you follow the correct procedure. Besides, it does not require any touch-ups, whereas acrylic manicures require touch-ups every two weeks. Otherwise, the nails can look dull.

The prime disadvantage of acrylic nail manicures is using acrylic nail glue. This glue contains harsh chemicals and poisonous materials that can harm the nails. Dip nail manicures do not use nail glue. Besides, high-quality products like SNS dip powder contain no toxic chemicals. You can refer to the ingredient list and confirm they are free of all poisonous materials. Hence, dip nails are safe for your nails.

Acrylic nails use pungent-smelling products that can be suffocating when applied to the nails. Hence, you find nail salons with adequate ventilation. On the other hand, dip powders do not have such an odor. So, you can comfortably have a dip powder manicure at home.

Compared to acrylic nails, dip powder manicures are easy. Anyone can learn it within no time. However, acrylic manicures are challenging to master. First, you must approach a nail salon technician for an acrylic manicure.

Dipping powder protects your nails from damage by forming a protective layer on the nail surface. Hence, dipping nails are less prone to damage due to chipping and cracking. Besides, you can have thin layers of dipping powder to reduce the chances of infections. In addition, the thinner layers of dip powder do not damage the nail bed and allow the nails to breathe well.

We have seen several points that show dipping powder as better than acrylic nails.

Here Are Some Aspects to Note When You Have a Dip Powder Manicure

We advise you to check the ingredients on the dipping powder bottle before purchasing it. The cheaper products can contain harmful chemicals like MMA. Hence, you must go for products like SNS dipping.

Dip nails are the best suited for ombre nail effects because of their thicker layers. They are also excellent as block colors.

Please ensure the nail salon technician does not use unsanitary practices when performing your dipping powder manicure.

Final Thoughts

Dipping powder manicures have resurfaced after being in the wilderness for long periods. Social media deserves the credit for popularizing dip powder. Almost every woman knows the advantages of dipping powder over other manicures. So, we conclude that dip powder manicures are any day better than acrylic.