Easy Ways to Remove Dip Powder and Ensure Proper Post-removal Nail Care

Many experts opine that dip powder nails can be challenging to remove. Yes, they are right because the dip powder sticks perfectly to the basecoat and forms a durable nail polish layer that can last for up to three to four weeks comfortably. However, as the polish starts to wear off, it loses its shine. Moreover, the natural nail growth keeps pushing the nail polish layer further away, making the nail top-heavy leading to breaking and chipping the nail. Hence, it is essential to remove the dip powder polish regularly.

Easy Ways to Remove Dip Powder

Let us discuss some easy ways of removing SNS powder dip nails.

Easy Ways to Remove Dip Powder Nail Polish

The Acetone Soak

Acetone is the ideal nail polish removal solution used by nail salon technicians globally. Acetone has nail polish dissolving properties that help remove it without damaging the nail surface. However, acetone has dehydrating properties that dry out the nails and the skin surrounding them. Hence, one should be careful when using acetone in large quantities. Therefore, the acetone soak method is ideal.

The process involves placing cotton balls soaked in acetone solution on the nail surface. You can cover these cotton balls with an aluminum wrap that serves a dual purpose. One is that it holds the cotton balls in place. Besides, it prevents acetone from evaporating into the atmosphere. Your SNS dip powder kit should include acetone nail polish remover, cotton balls, and aluminum wraps.

The Procedure

It is better to file away the top layer of your nail polish using a sterilized nail file. The purpose is to remove the excess polish sticking to your nails and reduce the acetone soak time as much as possible. However, one should be careful because too much filing can damage the nail surface and cause injuries that could take time to heal.

It is also necessary to protect your cuticles and skin surrounding the nails from acetone exposure. The best way is to apply a layer of petroleum jelly over the cuticles to prevent acetone from contacting them.

The acetone soak requires around 25 minutes, depending on the polish layer’s thickness. After soaking your nails for half an hour, you can remove the aluminum wrap and the cotton balls. The dip powder layer should slide off your nails smoothly. If it does not happen, the process has to be repeated.

Any alternatives to acetone

We know that acetone can dehydrate your skin and nails, causing them to become pale. Using alcohol is also a good idea to remove nail polish. The leftover alcohol in your fridge after the party last night could be ideal for removing SNS dip nails. The procedure is similar to that of acetone. Filing your nails is necessary because nail polish takes more time to dissolve in alcohol than acetone. Therefore, your soaking time is more extended.

The hydrogen peroxide solution is also a good nail polish removing agent. You can use it to remove nail polish. However, some people are allergic to hydrogen peroxide. In addition, it can cause itching around the nail’s area. Therefore, many people are reluctant to use hydrogen peroxide.

Similarly, you can use the hand sanitizer solution you use daily to remove your dip powder nails. The sanitizer contains alcohol that can help dissolve nail polish quickly. However, this method of nail polish removal is not as convenient as using acetone.

Vinegar is an excellent alternative as it can help remove nail polish quickly. The filing and soaking procedures are the same, but the process can take more time than acetone.

Take Care of Your Nails Post-removal

Using acetone to remove nail polish can make your nails dry and brittle. Therefore, they are prone to breakage. Therefore, you should not rush into your next nail job immediately after removing the existing SNS dip powder.

It is advisable to massage your nails with cuticle oil or even coconut oil to rehydrate the nails and skin. One should also maintain a healthy diet by drinking water and fruit juices to help in the rejuvenation process. A week should be sufficient for the nails to return to their original glory.

Subsequently, you can proceed with the new dip powder manicure. When going for a new dip powder manicure, it is better to opt for quality products. Your SNS dip powder kit qualifies as a good product. Using cheap products can damage the nails and make them more challenging to remove.

Final Thoughts

Though removing dip powder nails consumes a lot of time, it is necessary to go through the entire process with care. If you try to hasten the removal by filing it too deeply, you can injure your nail. In addition, the healing process can take a long time. Therefore, one should follow the procedures explained above to ensure proper dip powder removal and post-removal care.