6 Crucial Facts to Know about Gel Polish

Compared to other nail manicures like acrylic paints and dipping powder, gel polish retains its popularity as the most widely used procedure. It is not without reason that women globally prefer gel polish to other manicures. One of the prime advantages of gel polish is its durability and ‘zero risk’ aspect. You can safely dig your nails into your handbag and search for your smartphone without worrying a bit about damaging your nails. It is not so in the case of acrylic polish, as they tend to chip off easily.

While you have a range of Gelixir gel polish colors to choose from, it is better to be aware of gel polish’s significant facts. It can help make your gel polish manicure a better and healthier experience.

Here are some crucial facts about gel polish that everyone should know.

Resist the temptation to pick at peeling gel polish

Gel manicures are amongst to most durable nail polish jobs. However, there can be accidental peeling of the polish, maybe due to following incorrect procedure when applying it. The peeling polish layer can leave a gaping hole between it and the nail surface. Water and dirt can collect in this gap to cause infections like nail fungus.

It can be tempting to peel off the layer using your hands. However, it is not advisable. You should contact your nail salon technician and opt for the regular nail polish removal procedure using acetone.

A hot water shower can lift your gel polish nails

Who does not relish having a hot water shower bath? It can be refreshing and remove all your fatigue. However, hot water is your gel nails’ most potent adversary. A long session in a hot water tub can cause your nail polish layer to lift. Does it mean that you should never take a hot water shower when wearing gel polish? No, it is not so. The remedy is to wear rubber gloves when taking a bath or washing utensils in hot water. The idea is to limit your nails’ exposure to hot water.

Soaking off your gel polish can be harmful

Gelixir gel nail polish is excellent as long as it stays on your nails. The removal process is harsh. However, you have to remove gel nail polish because the naturally growing nail edges out the polish layer gradually. The best method to remove gel polish is to scrape away the top polish layers carefully using a nail file. One should ensure not to file away too hard as it can damage your nail.

The idea is to have as thin a layer as possible because the soaking off process can be harmful. Gel polish nails require soaking in acetone solution for a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes. Acetone can dehydrate your nails and skin and remove water content.

It is advisable to have a break of a week between two successive gel manicures

The gel polish removal process can weaken your nails and remove all water content. The nails need some time for recovery. Though you can massage your nails regularly with cuticle oil and other lotions, the best procedure is to allow them to regain moisture the natural way. Therefore, experts advise you to have a gap of a week between two successive gel nail manicures. Meanwhile, you can have a healthy diet to speed up the hydrating process.

The gel polish ingredients matter a lot

When you order for your gel polish bottles, you should check up the ingredients to ensure that it does not contain the toxic trio carcinogens. They are Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Dibutyl Phthalate. These chemicals can cause inflammation and have other side effects like disturbing thyroid and liver functions.

Gelixir are free of these carcinogens and are healthy to use.

The lesser you use the UV lamp, the better it is

Gel polish requires curing the UV lamp for a minimum of a minute or two, depending on the thickness. UV radiation can be dangerous to your health because it can cause skin cancer, especially in people who are sensitive to UV light.

Many people advise switching over to LED lights as it reduces the curing times. However, LED lights can also be harmful because the UV concentration in LED lights can be higher.

Using soak off gel polish products is a viable alternative. While this manicure requires curing at every stage, the curing time is less than ten seconds at a particular instance. Therefore, you limit your exposure.

You can also try applying sunscreen lotion on your skin to prevent prolonged exposure to UV rays. Using rubber gloves with small nail-sized holes at the edges can also ensure that your skin is not exposed to UV radiation.

Final Thoughts

If you know the facts discussed above, you can proceed to have the best Gelixir gel nail polish on your hands without worrying about the harmful side-effects of gel polish.