OPI Runway-inspired Nail Designs

Rag Way has been the birthplace for numerous nail designs. The place is full of designers with great manicure ideas. It is just like Silicon Valley for manicure designs. If you want to get some gel, acrylics, or dipping powders like SNS or OPI dipping powder nails ideas, Run Way is the place to get the inspiration. Whether you are looking for some favorite nail art ideas or nail polish colors, the Run-Way Inspired nail art ideas are the best trends that you can try.

Best Opi Runway-inspired Nail Designs

Snake Nail Design

Perhaps the look of slithers gets on your nerves in a good way and you just can’t resist it, you can either have one as a pet at home or repaint the best look on your nails. This intoxicating look gives you a world-class almost divine elation that everyone will fancy. Besides, you can achieve the design using your favorite OPI polish.  First, you need two base coats of Mi Casa Es Blue Casa OPI gel color. Then use the Coraling Your Spirit Animal OPI GelColor to create the snake shape design. Use the Big Apple Red OPI GelColor and a thin brush to outline and inline the snake. Use the OPI GelColor topcoat to finish up the design.

Mushroom with Leaf

The good quality of OPI nail products allows them to be used for unlimited nail related purposes. Perhaps you are an admirer of OPI dip nails and you never want to disappoint the brand, well what if we told you that a little deviation can give you all the elegance that you have been looking for? You can use the OPI GelColor to make the Mushroom with a Leaf design that will introduce a slight twist to your nails and the elegance that you have always wanted. Firstly the design needs you to file your nails to a pointed shape the apply Envy the Adventure OPI GelClor as a base coat on one hand for the leaf nails and iViva OPI! On the other hand as a base coat for the mushroom nails. Use Alpine Snow OPI gel and lacquer combo to add mushroom bases, dots, or other details to the design. Proceed to use the Verde Nice to Meet You OPI Gelcolor on the leaf nails to add the vein details and finish up the nail design using the OPI GelColor Top Coat.

3D Eye

A 3D Eye? Yes, this is one of the most trending Rag Valley inspire nail designs of the season. This design begins by first applying duo coats using Black Onyx Onyx Gelcolor to the nails. When you are done, use the Alpine Snow OPI GelColor to add net print details to the design. Use Absolute Perfect White Powder to create a 3D eyes shape. Make sure that you complete the look using the PI GelColor Topcoat.


If you are looking for a snake’s look, perhaps some scales can satiate your desires. The scale design requires you to first use the Black Onyx OPI GelColor. Use a mixture of Black Onyx and OPI GelColor Top Coat to create a transparent black topcoat. The resultant scales are amazing and chic and everyone will love the scale design.

Black and White Marble

Marbles are fancy in the real world and you can as well have this elegant design on your nails to enhance the mien. If you wish to be more elegant and amazing every day, the Black and White marble design will give you the look that you are looking for. Besides, it can be worn every day in the office and on every occasion. First, you need to use the Black Onyx OPI Nail Lacquer to create two initial coats. Proceed to use the Alpine Snow OPI Nail Lacquer to create unique details like dots on the initially applied polish layers. The marble effect is achieved by then mixing the small dots into the base using a thin brush. The design is then finished using the OPI Top Coat to achieve to get a gloss finish. The resultant effect will be so awesome that the world of manicure lovers can rally behind you.


Crystal design is unlike anything you have ever seen. The design is unique and chic especially for holidays and different occasions. Want to try it? Well first, acquire the 3D Swarovski Crystal sheet and apply it to the nails. The second step involves using the OPI GelColor Top Coat to lock into nails. All your efforts are rewarded by the elegance and uniqueness that you will fetch from this design.


If you are obsessed with OPI products then this is the time to show your royalty because OPI never fails you. It has numerous unique gels and dip powder colors that you can always use to get the design that you want. Besides, OPI’s quality and award-winning products give you the best look. If you have so much wanted to have some OPI Run Way-Inspired Nail Art Designs, just choose one of the designs above and rock the whole world.